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Our stores

Eternelle is present in more than 400 stores in Canada and US and only growing. Our main boutique is located on Chabanel street, in the iconic Garment District of Montreal, but intended for wholesale only. We pride ourselves to bringing excellent customer service and providing you with unique, high quality items. 

Black & White

I just love simplicity. The fewest colors, the fewest flashy things, and the least amount of makeup possible, if possible.

Ok, one of the major reasons for this is that I’m lazy :) but the truth is, I find simplicity calming, and I think it lets your eyes be free to look at the person more than the clothes.
That’s where my devotion to anything like jumpsuits and shirt dresses comes from.

I’ve also got a weakness for flowy, comfortable things, and I try to fight against it almost every day.
Like, this morning, I left home in a...

Denim Season

Leaves are falling and it’s finally denim season again. That time when every woman can pull out her favorite pair of jeans and rejoice that you longer need to stress about shaving your legs every day…

Denim is not an elitist form of dressing either – it’s really the opposite, one of the only types of clothing all different body types can wear. I love seeing all these variations – from Aurora’s on trend cropped wide leg to Marisa’s old school Guess jeans (waist-cinching and emphasizing!). It’s really interesting seeing women find the perfect fit for their...

Timeless Pieces

I love to see how, each season, the industry looks at ways to redefine the classics – forcing us to rethink what ‘timeless’ really means. 

(Doesn’t ‘timeless’ mean forever…? So why keep reinventing?!)(But then, fashion is all about reinvention!)

Sometimes it feels a little cyclical and repetitive, but occasionally there are pieces that really make you want to trade in everything you own and start fresh with your “classics”! I can’t ever imagine myself wearing a Chanel quilted bag in a fabric as precious as this satin, but I do think it’s beautiful (it’s just not resilient enough for me;...

Must-Have Fashion Emergency Kit

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