Timeless Pieces

I love to see how, each season, the industry looks at ways to redefine the classics – forcing us to rethink what ‘timeless’ really means. 

(Doesn’t ‘timeless’ mean forever…? So why keep reinventing?!)(But then, fashion is all about reinvention!)

Sometimes it feels a little cyclical and repetitive, but occasionally there are pieces that really make you want to trade in everything you own and start fresh with your “classics”! I can’t ever imagine myself wearing a Chanel quilted bag in a fabric as precious as this satin, but I do think it’s beautiful (it’s just not resilient enough for me; leather’s more durable!).

And one of my most loved pieces is a J12 watch that my mother gifted me. I hardly ever wear it, to try and keep it safe. It’s a little sportier than this boy.friend watch and a little bulkier, which suits me better. (Though this one is, in my mind, infinitely more chic.)(And it’s definitely not every day that Chanel releases a new timepiece!!)

That’s really what it is — finding what works for you and creating your own collection of classics. But it’s always great to be inspired by each season’s new classics, and see what feels right for you.

What do you think of some of the new “timeless” pieces? The watch? Do you have certain classics that you love, and plan on keeping forever?

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