Black & White

I just love simplicity. The fewest colors, the fewest flashy things, and the least amount of makeup possible, if possible.

Ok, one of the major reasons for this is that I’m lazy :) but the truth is, I find simplicity calming, and I think it lets your eyes be free to look at the person more than the clothes.
That’s where my devotion to anything like jumpsuits and shirt dresses comes from.

I’ve also got a weakness for flowy, comfortable things, and I try to fight against it almost every day.
Like, this morning, I left home in a really cool Equipment jumpsuit – but it was really too cool. So I reassured myself by doing a “Jenna Lyons” and unbuttoning the top to let my bra show a little. I don’t really know what I think about it. Just tryin’.

ANYWAY. I really like the simplicity of Takiri, in the photo, and I’m a fan of these looks for the final days of summer.

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