Love, Infinity, Fashion. The Italian Touch.

Who we are

We are Eternelle.

With over 35 years experience, this father and son team accompanied by a professional stylist, make it unique, simple and easy for all to find the latest trends at the best deals. Our mix of European and North American image has become its own new trend on the market. 

With a strong understanding of the garment industry and the technical know-how to source our avant-garde collection, our team is constantly working to become the main ingredient to the success of our customers and our relationship with them all.

Eternelle is expending to more than 400 stores in Canada and US and only growing. Presently opened as a cash and carry for retailers, our flagship store is located on Chabanel street, in the iconic Garment District of Montreal. We pride ourselves in bringing you excellent customer service and providing you with unique, high quality items. 

It's time for you to unleash your inner goddess !



Eternelle is elegance, touch and fabrics.

Our collections regroup linens and silks for spring and summer, and a touch of cashmere for fall and winter. Lets not forget the in-between seasons which gives us the opportunity to bring in new styles.

The brilliant creativity of our designers is what makes us unique. The attention to detail, the continuous search for materials and colors with constantly being reminded of excellent quality at the lowest cost possible makes it accessible to fashion fans all around.

Whether its casual wear, or even more chic, Eternelle creates flattering collections for every women to look good anywhere.

Enjoy shopping with us.